Sway And King Tech - Defari Freestyle Lyrics

Sway And King Tech Lyrics

Defari Freestyle Lyrics
f/ Defari

*after shoutouts*


Yo, I gets busy, throw a cat off me like a frisbee

He test me, now he's Gillespee, now he's Dizzy

Tiger strike pants, wear jiggy niggy

Rather roll wit family like Agony Tha Philly

Break my bucks for cuts to bucks Billy

Throw the nice Avirex on when it gets chilly

Catch the eye for dame holdin hands wit Willie

When it comes to hands I SLAP Big Willie silly

He says "Yo Defair my man, what da dealy?"

I say "Cat, you about as fake as Milli Vanilli"

Me? My whole crew we get lifted

Roll about as deep as the stars of the flag, fifty

It's like this, it's like that

Yo Chocolate Tye grab the mic cuz you swing a big bat

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