Sun Eats Hours - Young Forever Lyrics

Sun Eats Hours Lyrics

Young Forever Lyrics
Like the real leader of a team
You were always ready to keep your big hand on my head
You're one of the the last men who lost the world war,
You are living to teach us how to be young
And as a mountain reigns on a valley
You are reigning on this life
Where small things still make you happy
And I can just try to understand
How much more than me you know
About human reality

Sixty four years older than this young guy
And a lot of sunshine
Which is still living in the look of your eyes,
You told me about when you were young
How hard it was to stay alive
To hope for a better future in life,
When you were eighteen you had the same dreams
Like freedom and peace
And you fought a lot with blood to get them and
Now I can believe that you suffer
With seeing this generation
Throw out what you bled for

We are together but not here for ever
I'd like to think that we're gonna be only energy
We'll be together in another place for ever
And then we'll have all the time to speak about
Human reality

When I see the photos of you nineteen
I'd like to think that
Now I'm like that guy with fun in the eyes
I'm worried about many of my friends
Have never met persons like you
They could be a lot different.

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