Sun Eats Hours - To Donna Lyrics

Sun Eats Hours Lyrics

To Donna Lyrics
With you I spent a lot of my best days
I hope you won't leave me, you are sweet everyday
If you could remain for ever
On my heart

Here I am,
I am eighteen years old
On the last two I have not walked alone,
thank you, myself is improving
I'm learning what is love
You are the star of my days
Sun on our skin, love on our eyes
Your thinkin' way
You are sweet and erotica

Eat together, sleep together
Obviously make love together
And we never fight
But sometimes I'd like to tell you more than I say
I love your smile

The strange relationship
Which takes us together
We're never perfect
We're never perfect
We like laugh and grow fat
All day long lie on the bad
I'm fond of your making way
You are sweet and erotica.

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