Sun Eats Hours - Tiddlywinks Lyrics

Sun Eats Hours Lyrics

Tiddlywinks Lyrics
I don't want an image of how should be my life
If there weren't some false friends
Better called assholes
The surprise in your eyes gives me a delicious feeling
Of the rising war where you can't win against my reasons
My reasons
My reasons

As the deodorant can't hold the smell of your armpit
I can't hold my eyes when the reality is absolute
You are trying to escape
Cause now I gotta make my move
And I'll do a precise attack
Cause you have played with my fire

I know it's a reprise,
It's not a surprise
They are manipulating our mind without many words
We are always robbed and always repressed
Made to do what they say

And now I won't hear your f*ckin' lying screams
I call them lying cause you think I'll stop myself
Lore is changing and won't come back
Cause you have joked with my fire
And I won't stop myself


I'm fed up of living the life I see everywhere
And I'm thinking to count me out
This f*ckin' game
All of us are made into this social daily playing
But we are not conscious of what they do with our life

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