Sun Eats Hours - The Level Lyrics

Sun Eats Hours Lyrics

The Level Lyrics
They’ve been guilty
For the level
Of people's ignorance
The culture they have passed on
To their kids
Won’t ever pay in the end

Looking back to our past steps
There's a hole our society
Fallen and never raised back
From the darkness of our spirits

Giving up the real values
Awed from the materialism
Losing everyday our happiness
Without knowing why
Things are going that way
Without knowing why
It's going that way

We are guilty
For the level
Of people's ignorance
The culture we transmit to the kids
Won't ever pay in the end
If we won’t be those to change
Our Souls will fall here again
Even if their walk never ends
Yeah their walk never ends

Millions are still fighting
To please our desires
It’s the mere involution
Of our inconstant evolution

The streets’ beauty
Comes from the tragic rivers of blood
Drained in the name of a culture
Which called God its own father
To justify its wicked damned projects

We have to defend our spirits’ dignity
We are here to live not to steal
From what’s of other people's lives
We need to stave off
From a past of monstrosities
Start over from what we have lost!
We have f*cking lost!

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