Sun Eats Hours - The Last Ones Lyrics

Sun Eats Hours Lyrics

The Last Ones Lyrics
“Yeah, that’s me!
The last of the oldest
Come through the dead hearts of your level
I’m here to fight
I’m sent to try
To not let you fall in a fake material life.
Yeah the strength of communication
The love for love
The passion for humanity
And its possibilities to redeem itself again”

Yeah Yeah
A part of us could be one of those last ones
Yeah Yeah
One of those Spirits beyond time and space
Yeah Yeah
Being there to lead others to feel again
Yeah Yeah
The dazzling light inside us

“Yeah This is you,
This generation
The one who’s everything
The one who’s been given possibilities
The one who could
The one who should
Not desert the call

What is in your soul?

Those Last ones
The person you are
The mission
You can
Redeem yourself again with the world”

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