Sun Eats Hours - Sun Eats Hours Lyrics

Sun Eats Hours Lyrics

Sun Eats Hours Lyrics
I feel it when I walk
From my car to the stage
Thinking back
To all that we have done
To be The Suneatshours

Sensations that I can't explain
The belief in every single day
That Someone gave us to live
Down here

Friendship before anything
The trust in love and in sincerity
In spite of all the deceits
Around us

Straight ahead to our dream
While others are shitting on us
But now see, we are here
Thanks to our will

Looking only at
What we feel all right
Never giving up
Just believing that tomorrow
Will be a better day.

We'll never lose our hope
We'll never close our eyes
We'll never give the ok
If the facts are not right.

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