Sun Eats Hours - S.M.M.C. Lyrics

Sun Eats Hours Lyrics

S.M.M.C. Lyrics
Suck my massive cock .

Suck my massive cock!
I always tried
To make you happier
Than you were
I never lied to you
Cause I didnt understand
You wanted to seem depressed
You want to see the people around you
Play your game
Never leave you
Always smile at you

What's your game??
I'll never be the same
You're showing to what point a girl can be a bitch
What's your game? I know your plans
Now I can tell to the other boys your moves, Yeah!!

You feel like the victim,
You feel like the only right person
Walking in this town, eating in this town
So you always feel down
Cause no one can understand you
Cause no one can have fun with you
Maybe you should change your f*cking way
Also I'll never be the same.

I always believed that you were the best girl to stay with
You always lied to me,
And I never thought you could be such a beach,
You played with my feelings
You made the worst error of your life
Suck my massive cock!!

Ok, we're ok,
you're ok,
but she's not really ok,
oh, I think she's gonna change her f*ckin' way!
Really? Yeah, she heard a song telling her story and
Now she is really depressed! Oh thank you God
Finally she won't disturb us anymore!!

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