Sun Eats Hours - September 2001 Lyrics

Sun Eats Hours Lyrics

September 2001 Lyrics
There’s something
That upsets man
More than anything else,
A word is not enough
To define it.
Hate, fear, terror, anguish,
Anger and bitterness,
The will to hit back,
The desperation for the deads,
Rancour exploding
Towards the guilty heads.

Ideological hate.
Always present through the centuries.

The vile and brutal scorn for life.
Billions of people that think,
Talk and suffer
From the same incredible event

Only one point.
Nothing else.
We are here powerless.
We would like
To not be part of this history,
But we are.
And we’re on one side, inevitably.
We’re humans, man/men/wolves.
The world revolves
In the same old way.
Life will never change.

And God will have pity and mercy
For our souls,
God will have pity and mercy
Even for their’ s.
For this reason we’ll fight,
Aware of the mistake
We’re about to make.

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