Sun Eats Hours - Rustles Lyrics

Sun Eats Hours Lyrics

Rustles Lyrics
Rustle in my room,
Gasping breaths
Under my blankets
We are making a nice pair
We are covered in the darkness
I love to feel your beads of sweat
On my skin
I love to feel them on my chest,
I love to see you blowing me
Frequently we feel ashamed
Like we were virgins
Like we were angels

It is gonna be physiological
But never logical
Let me into your secrets
Let me in
And never let me out
I will never level off
I will never give you up

Do you remember that old night?
I was playing,
Your look looked at mine
I felt sensations like never before,
Your way to excite me
Made me ill-advised at all
That night hell came down
To take a son
If I could come back
I think I would change
For another day
Yeah for another way
I only know that it changed too much in my mind
The fact is that
You are living in me.

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