Sun Eats Hours - Prophet Lyrics

Sun Eats Hours Lyrics

Prophet Lyrics
Anywhere he’s been he felt his mission
Looking at the world's past
Love is not such a conscious action
It's like life's mystery

Life is something to care so much for
We all are something to love so much
He Raised his soul and took this challenge

So he’s put across all that his heart said
God knows how hard it was
To hear all those ones laughing at him
But he held out to the last

Friendship’s something we all need so much
Forgiveness is something we all need so much
He Raised his voice singing out this yeah

You're acting like a dead soul
Don't you feel that we're not from here?
Histories of our past
Are a part of what we're now
But leave the fear to feel yeah
Take what is your right
Go and Make peace with your past
Go! you're gonna feel the way

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