Sun Eats Hours - Police Man Lyrics

Sun Eats Hours Lyrics

Police Man Lyrics
F*ck you!
You are stupid,
You are a motherf*cker,
when you were born the world came up
And with sufferance
Asked itself why?
Why? Why? Why?
And after why? And after why?
Why here and why I?

Please save your words,
Don't try to change my ideas,
I am fed up with listening
To your f*cking untrue reasons
And please shut up your mouth
Because you are the mirror
Of this rotten D.S.'s state
And its reality distortion

Every night and every day
Every time and every morning
I wake up and I see your face
The image of this f*ckin' police state
F*ck this police state
F*ck this police state
F*ck this police state

I wish that from now on
You were happier with us,
Or it's better for you
To never go to sleep on your bed,
Yeah your DEATH

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