Sun Eats Hours - Nothing Is Dead Lyrics

Sun Eats Hours Lyrics

Nothing Is Dead Lyrics
There is nothing dead,
It’s only our ignorance.
We were always blinded
By the reality we were taught
And there is nothing ended
‘Cause life is like a river,
But our eyes can only see
A drop of all the water.

I’m trying to explain
To you something,
I know it’s hard to think it
After a life
Lived in a programmed world,
But you told me what you want,
Try to live your life.
And so this is the first act
You have to do right now

Go alone onto a hill
Look at all the nature around you
Speak with yourself
And get how it’s going
Deep down inside
Please for one time
Try to lose your false believes
And please open your heart’s eyes
The ones you have never used.

Have you ever looked
Under and behind the facts?
You will receive
So many types of hints
And after good research,
Please take
All your foggy thoughts
And group them together
You will receive the message.

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