Sun Eats Hours - Letters To Lucilio Lyrics

Sun Eats Hours Lyrics

Letters To Lucilio Lyrics
Man I’ve got something positive to say
You don’t have to take it in a crazy way
I’ll take on the responsibilities
Sing good values to the community

Nowadays trends are based on hate
On videos of people trying to look rich
Showing Mercedes, Tits and nice asses
Damn! When millions are still crying

It’s a reality we have to yell out
Bullshit’s expanding on our TVs
And awful music for the mass
Is switching off our consciousness

Their trick is to show all their pleasures
Those that we think we do not have
They're defiling life's values
Will we be able to change this?

The worst slavery
Is the one that's voluntary
We are all involved in this
F*cking conspiracy

Man I can’t stand it for a minute more
Social disaster’s burning the air
Yeah two thousands years have passed
But we still haven’t got any sense

Seneca told it with the letters
Mailing thoughts we didn’t get
We believe everything’ s changed
(So) Man Tell me what’s the sense…

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