Sun Eats Hours - I Want Have You Lyrics

Sun Eats Hours Lyrics

I Want Have You Lyrics
All is done,
All is planned,
I thought I knew you,
Life, I thought, I understood.
I wanted to be held and told that I was loved,
Heat and passion drive us to be kind and loving.
You are taken and I cannot take it anymore;
All I do is wrong and I don't understand
How I must act to have you in my arms.

Fly, fly away into the heat
The sky is blue and offers freedom,
I want to be left alone,
Isolated from the rest of the world.
Leave me alone,
You do not, cannot, understand me;
go back to her,
It is right for you.

I'm not important,
But I have helped you with no reward;
I help those who need me,
But they take more than I want to give.
They suck the life out of my soul
The world is upside down,
Those who deserve do not get.

Please hold me
And tell me that you need me to go on,
To go on;
That you cannot breathe without me,
Cannot speak, cannot see;
That I am a drug which makes you mad
And opens up your heart.
I have never felt such a sharp pain,
I need you,
But I won't have you

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