Sun Eats Hours - Friends Lyrics

Sun Eats Hours Lyrics

Friends Lyrics
here are my friends
life has put together
we don't know where we have met
before we got back here
the evidence of love is incredible
it is maniacal pathetic, hermetical

here i'm telling something
that's not making us cool
cause youth today prefers to hear about
those things which f*ckin' remove the questions
on what really matters in everyday's life
why don't you question it for your life?

if i'm alone
if i'm lost
if i got drunk
i can count on my friends
and from now on
like never before
we are the richest
cause in pain we'll sing on

live together
and let the spirits free their emotions
fight against the monotonic impositions
it's a flight and we're all doing the same
so let's feel we're brothers not contenders
let's feel we're sister not contenders

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