Sun Eats Hours - Dull Minds Lyrics

Sun Eats Hours Lyrics

Dull Minds Lyrics
My mind doesn't realize it yet
This state of anxiety permeates
Every single second of my days
Yeah it’s all the same

What I am but what I would be,
What I want but what I feel’s right,
What I should… but what I do?
What I would… but what I could?
I'm drowning in my thoughts
But I’d choke more without ‘em

What do I want from me?
What do I want from my life?
What do I want from the future?
And for my neighbours?
Why Am I acting here, in this theatrical scene?
The Answers will be given only if I’ll resist

I see the mediocrity expand
The dull silence in their eyes
Lost dreams, dead hearts, and desperate days
This flock pissed on their lives with no shame
Reflecting the indifference handed down
A generation’s calling outside this theatrical scene

What I want now is what I do and what I should is what I would

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