Sun Eats Hours - Dazed Lyrics

Sun Eats Hours Lyrics

Dazed Lyrics
This a story like many others
But this one is mine
So I feel it deep in my hearth
In my stomach

Please listen to me
Please let me speak out to you
How life sometimes
Wants to speed straight
Without asking your advice
Without heeding the thoughts
In your mind

Oh my God girls want me
But I won’t be the same forever
You are the only one
Who understood
What truly I am
I lost my composure
Now I’m not able
To fall in love again
‘cause I’m dazed.

I’m a special boy
But sometimes I am silly
‘cause I don’ get
What some things are worth
‘cause when I get something
For a lot of time
I lose the ability to understand
What it is worth

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