Sunday's Best - The Try Lyrics

Sunday's Best Lyrics

The Try Lyrics
Everybody's hopes had died when you were crawling on the floor.
No one could keep hope alive when all they saw were wounds and woes.
They remember when it went south, one instance when you're down--
dust had settled, you moved out of town.
You surrendered, then you found out...

It's a crap out, a dead man's hand, a blink in a stare;
It's lights out, an unmade plan, some bees in your hair.

Do we get no points for the try?

They will all testify that everything falls around you.
"Another good guy lost," is how they would describe you.
"Too bad what could have been..."
You tuned out and got up again.
Pretended not to care. Remembered not to care.

I heard what they sold you; don't let it hold you.
You can have what you want now.
You need to want what you have.

We need no points for the try.

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