Sunday's Best - The Californian Lyrics

Sunday's Best Lyrics

The Californian Lyrics
Falling down again, this feeling that you know so well
a child scraping up his knees...
Who's kissing the cuts and chasing behind you?

Leo says that, "there's no victims, only volunteers."
I think that I believe that if there's a crime,
there must be a crime scene.

Sorry that we peaked in my California teething.

Word on the street: the deal had been queered for quite sometime.
Small print too small to read--
"Take the tourniquet off and an artery will breathe"
the East-side summer air, thick with smog and chaparral,
hangs waiting for a breeze.
Autumn, my friend, I hope that you've missed me.

Whoa-ah-oh...that's what they say...

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