Sunday At Eleven - Ode To Jeff Lyrics

Sunday At Eleven Lyrics

Ode To Jeff Lyrics
so many long nights
and moments Ive floated
in your breath that whispers
so graceful each tone

each part of my body
is part of the song
when all of my tears
start singing along

some say your music
is all that youve left behind
but your inspiration
is still travelling in the air
and I know why your gone:
you were just too good

cover thy wounds
with my heated blood
that I send to you
for heating it up

dream on white boy
your chants still alive
prepare to be looked for
when I have arived

just like the ocean
always in love with the moon
I keep on looking
into the night
listening to your
last goodbye

and when my
day has come
be there
so I can share
this song with you

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