Sunday At Eleven - Never Gonna Come Lyrics

Sunday At Eleven Lyrics

Never Gonna Come Lyrics
dreaming of the day
thats gonna beyour final fulfillment
waiting for the moment
thats gonna replace your bitter life
you flee you hide you make excuses
for your every-day-depression
you chase your life
though you could just start to live

cant you realize
that there is nothing like future
wasting all o your life
with waiting for tomorrow

tell me what sense does it make
to be a spectator of your own life
dont you want to finally participate
its just one breathn one thought, one step
from being all you have expected all your life
its so close you just dont know


every day we get taught
its all bout security
but I wonder if my lifes secure
will I be free...
I know, I wont be


see that man, his wife died
and he never got to say I love you
now shes gone
and somehow, he has died with her
watch that girl,
shes running and jumping through the rain
but her daddy makes her stop
throughout her youth
hes killed all of her lifes intensity
but now, come on, hold on
wonder whats been going wrong
are you living
the life youve always seeked
come on and use this moment to break out


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