Sundae - We're Just Like Them Lyrics

Sundae Lyrics

We're Just Like Them Lyrics
They made me what i’m today
I can’t stand seeing it and doing nothing
There are bandages over the glared eyes
‘cause of this false alarm
Count the day of your life
Count the day of facist happiness
Count the time you letting they’ve closed your ears with a phone full of the beautiful words
But pay attetion me
Please, i’m only ask you a minute of the others millions seconds that will cover my ease
I live in a world dressed up with well done beautiful stories
Better views than with my dreams
Hiding troubles, afliction and dislusion
But look: we are ordinary
I feel like what i’ve criticised
We are suffering now what we don’t want to suffer later
We aren’t as sincere as those that pretend to stand us.
We're just like them!
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