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Eve Of Anti-Creation Lyrics
This time must come now as written

Blackest of day it shall be

Eve of anti-creation

When all ways of holiness have ceased

Moon,stars,sun,and clouds collide

Creating unholy eclipse

For this time is now as is written

Heavens temple quiet and dark

Heaven in a veil of sleep

They are not pronouncing judgements

They are not deciding decisions

Veiled is the night

At once the sign is given

Winged demons attack

Destruction of God's holy heaven

As fire turns everything black

Angels in their helplessness

Are raped of their purity

Sodomy and lust now reign

Prepare to hail your new god

Dethroned of all power

Eve of anti-creation

Judge of truth,father of fatherless

Oh,ancient one,the gods of night

Stench of blood and singed wings

Unholy paradise

Satan masturbates upon the throne of God

Thy lord kneels before the goat

And licks the hooves of the horned one

Satan laughs at his fate at hand

As God begs for a merciful eternity!
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