Summer Walker - Drunk Dialing...LODT Lyrics

Summer Walker Lyrics

Drunk Dialing...LODT Lyrics
It's 3:34 and I don't need no more
You can call it what you want, but
I'ma call it dumb

Too much liquor
Known to make you call a nigga
And I done had too much

Which is giving excuses to
Make me think I want ya
When I don't and I know this
Know that you a dog
You always do me wrong
Oh, but it make me wanna call you
Like I'm on one and I want some
And I need to you to come over

Too much Patron will have you
Calling his phone
Or have you wanting some more
Have you wanting some more, word

Too much Patron will have you
Calling his phone
Have you wanting some more

Oh, damn

Boy, you know I-I-I love you
Boy, with everything you do
And I just can't quite understand it
But love makes sense of you
'Cause I love you
But I know I wouldn't want to wait
For your heart to finally see me through
And I love for you
Yeah, said I

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