Summer's End - Final Goodbye (live) Lyrics

Summer's End Lyrics

Final Goodbye (live) Lyrics
descending from a past, slowly integration into future I can feel my
heart pound and race
as if it were taking a last breath. unliving the entirety of life I
once dreamed and hoped for
this will be my final good-bye (to the world) conceiving a fist full
of hate, and taking over
controlling my thoughts... they will burn together as one with their
arms crossed over
forcing me in their lives with something they feel necessary my ears
are silenced to their voices
my mouth is mute my eyes remain closed because to me its hard to
believe their existence they say is
ignorant is bliss when they carry the ignorance for the world I am
suffering he is the one
carrying all of the commodity the one they go to for a voice he fills
it all with the
lies that they believe

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