Suicide - Terror Preached Lyrics

Suicide Lyrics

Terror Preached Lyrics
Lessons of terror preached by holy ones
Built factories, by the cheapest ways, in human mind
Mobile bio-weapons, a trigger, a button
To lead to perfect mayhem, to end it all

Imposters using hi-tech hate
Their sex toys living in caves
Homo cavitus of 21st century
Relieves them of their hated work

Slaves' vaginas, endless sources
Species developed, murder devices
Fed by belief of resurrection
Reinforced by blind regimes

Raw materials processed, race and religion, aimed at modern world
Assassins procreated, target is knowledge
The game is set, to rule the whole world
To gain more, to become a god

Mercy is a silly word, hope of fools
Waste is burned bodies, split families
Respect is lethal, may prepare your end
Results are chaos, rage and fear.
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