Suicide - Suicide Pact Lyrics

Suicide Lyrics

Suicide Pact Lyrics
Power, we've tried to reach
Blinded our eyes
Suspicons, distrust
Religion and Satan
They've washed our brains

Industry, kind of a suicide pact
We signed, like greedy pigs
We did not put our future in safe
We sink, suffocate who try to save

Last enemy helpless nature
Creatures shriek, no one hears
Atomic pollution, the last confusion
We've raped mother earth, new death generation

First bulled that shocked nature
First step in our funeral
Nuclear brutality, chemical hate
First step into grave

Treaties formed
The powers did not obey
Humanity tramped down
Posterity did not deserve

Power, we've tried to reach
Blinded our eyes
Suspicions, distrust.
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