Suicide - Hell Star Lyrics

Suicide Lyrics

Hell Star Lyrics
Freak of mutilated dna's
Hypocrite smiles, sly intentions
Parasites hidden beneath innocent faces
In expensice suites or simple huts

Satisfaction is the core of his mind
Otherwise he is aimless and a vagabond
Primitive instincts forming his existence
Stronger must be fed by blood of weaker
Always seek benefit by sowing discord
Weaken the others to advance and inseminate

To get stronger
To be the most respected
To have another's wife
To kill the other's seed's

Lies became a shield
Deceit a tool
Adore power
Tread on the weak

Creep creep creep...
Dominate some sheep
Seduce some creepers
Possess some papers
In expensive suits or simple huts.
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