The Suicide File - I Hate You Lyrics

The Suicide File Lyrics

I Hate You Lyrics
It's all so ironic the things that you think
You preface them all with a nod and a wink
The clothes that you wear and the words that you speak
You're so f*cking clever, you're tongues in your cheek
You stand on the sidelines and shit on it all
never getting involved 'cause you might take the fall
Your apathy hides the fact that you're scared
of expressing opinions or showing you care
The irony is that you totally suck
You can look down on me and I don't give a f*ck
'Cause I hate assholes who hide behind fashion
Who live life devoid of emotion or passion
All style and no substance, you're flesh without bone
Another footsoldier in an army of clones
So f*ck your snide ways and your snotty asides
I f*cking hate you and all of your kind
I hate you

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