Sugarland - What I'd Give Lyrics

Sugarland Lyrics

What I'd Give Lyrics
What I'd give to bring you flowers
What I'd give to get you alone
What I'd give to bring a smile across your face
What I'd give to take you home

What I'd give to make you coffee
Find out how you like your eggs
Wrapped around you in the morning
A tangled lace of arms and legs

What I'd give to let you love me
Find out everything that brings you joy
Wake up to your face above me
I'd be that girl and you could be that boy
Find out what that feeling is
Oh, what I'd give

What I'd give to take you dancing
What I'd give to make you mine
If you've got questions, I got answers
And my answer's "yes" to you every time

What I'd give for just one minute
What I'd give to count all the ways
If your heart was dark with nothin' in it
I'd give you mine and take your place

Repeat Chorus

Oooh, what I'd give
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