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Sugarland Lyrics

One Blue Sky Lyrics
Little Annie Vickers is boarding up windows
And her old dog is stranded on the Silos
Hey there Annie, don't even think it
So much water and you can't even drink it
Well, maybe by Christmas they'll dig up roads
Take whatever you can girl
Leave the rest for the crows
Leave the rest for the crows

Been livin' in Crawford for fifteen years
Nothin' much ever happens 'round here
And no one believed the water would come
'Til the sky grew dark and it swallowed the sun
And it rained for forty-two nights and forty-two days
And everthing that we loved is floatin' away

How long 'til our dreams run dry
Don't know but we're stayin'
On our knees we raise our eyes
Holdin' on and prayin' to find
One blue sky

Ms. Wilson sits with an insurance adjustor
Big city boys, she never did trust 'em
Have you been gettin' the letters I'm sendin'
'Cuz the preacher swears that the world is ending
Well, if there's a way out, wish someone would show us
We keep looking around here for some modern day Moses

repeat chorus

Now we're diggin' our heels hard as we can
But the backyard looks like Rio Grande
And I wonder will it wash us clean or wash us away

repeat chorus twice

One blue sky
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