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Maybe Baby / New Year's Day Lyrics
Every Christmas I come back to this town
I come looking through some lost and found
Wondering if you're still hanging around down here

With the holiday they line these streets
Where I once loved you and you once loved me
I'm sorry, it just gets to me

I wonder if I called up your house
If your momma would let you out?

Maybe, baby
I'll see you this Christmas, what do you say
Or maybe, baby
I"ll see you on New Year's Day

I remember your eyes with the snow outside
You said, "This place always looked a little better in white."
I wanna look up and see your face one more time

Feels like the clock stopped ticking the day that I left
I think of you and I still catch my breath
I'm sorry, you just get to me

I wonder if you'll be going out
There's only one party in this town

Maybe, baby
I'll see you this Christmas
I hope and pray
Or maybe, baby
I'll see you on New Year's Day

Baby, it's so strange being back here again
I keep running into all of our old friends
This whole town ringing one more year
I don't wanna let this feeling disappear
I pray that you might be her tonight
And ther you were standing, shining underneath that light

Screaming at the ball on the TV counting down
Streamers and papers piling up on the ground
Baby, did you come here alone?
Are you maybe looking for someone?
To kiss you?
God, I've missed you

Maybe, baby, we didn't get Christmas
But if you stay
Or maybe, baby
We could have New Year's Day
Maybe, maybe, baby
Maybe, maybe
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