Sugarland - Joey Lyrics

Sugarland Lyrics

Joey Lyrics
What if I said yes
What if I'd gone out that night
What if you'd turned left
And everything would've turned out alright

What if I spoke up
What if I took the keys
What if I had tried a little harder
Instead of always trying to please

Joey, I'm so sorry
Oh can you hear me?
Joey, I'm so sorry

What if I said no
What if we never fell in love
What if we'd gone slow
Or a little bit faster and broken up

Would I know this hurt
Would I feel this pain
Do you know that with all I have left in my very last breath
I will call your name

Repeat Chorus

Were you sad, were you scared, did you whisper a prayer to be free
Was it quiet and cold, was it light or too dark to see
And did you reach for me

Repeat Chorus Twice
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