St Of 3030 - Paper Chaser Lyrics

St Of 3030 Lyrics

Paper Chaser Lyrics
[Verse 1:]
I'm chasin the paper
Greenbacks like green leaves I rake up
Man for the paper you could get taped up
Or braced up from an undercover in make-up
Yea for the paper I been in a chase bra
For paper I'll leave u on a respirator
Ya'll livin off a image ya'll ain't make up
Like insecure women that put on make-up
Sean Trigga that's me
Chase money cus I can't wait for paper to catch me
Jake call me quarterback he tryina sack me
Pitch it to the running back he throws it back to me
Colt following payton when I pass it
Intercept steal it back when I don't have it
Palomalu they could never stop my grind for knowledge
Even though I graduated made it and I'm outta college

I'm chasin the paper, paper, paper [x4]

4 the paper I'll run in yo crib
Grind all night til the morning get here
Short with my paper I'll shorten ya years
Toss ya peers off the pier til my waring is clear yea
Fly high no lie and I think u know it
Ink ya boat it disappeared eroded hocus pocus
Paper keep my mind focused like snoop say
Push coke and avoid the fiasco like Lupe
Then kick it on the coast
Money is my favorite drug and I wanna overdose
Money take me to the sky higher than the potent smoke
Fool for the cash but won't fall for the okey doke
After the green like gold and the leprechaun cops want me locked
But they'll never get me lucky charms
But the tricks are for kids so I share them
Money over bitches no way u can compare them

I'm chasing the paper, paper, paper [x4]

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