Star One - Two Plus Two Equals Five Lyrics

Star One Lyrics

Two Plus Two Equals Five Lyrics
[Bonus disc track]

[Rodney Blaze:]
You are deranged, you don't exist
Reality's all in your mind
Give it up, you'll never resist
You'll confess, then you die

We are the law, we control your pain
Telling you how to behave
We are the voice inside your brain
You're nothing but a lifeless slave

[Dan Swanö:]
Black is white and white is black
The fact's a lie and the lie's a fact
You are the dead and the dead are alive
Two plus two equals five

[Rodney Blaze:]
You are alone, you cannot hide
We see every move that you make
You are the last, your dreams have died
Even your past is a fake

We are the cure, we'll make you sane
And purge every sin from your life
Break you down, erase your name
Not even your shadow survives

Peace means war, rich means poor and perfect flawed
Less means more, five means four and hate adore
Love means law, true means false and break restore
Dusk means dawn, here means gone, unbend deform
Die means born, admire means scorn, to know ignore
Won means lost, calm means storm, forget recall
Stand means fall, run means crawl, attack withdraw
Weak means strong, right means wrong, diverge conform
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