Star One - As The Crow Dies Lyrics

Star One Lyrics

As The Crow Dies Lyrics
[Bonus disc track]

[Mike Andersson:]
Time stopped that morning, the world started shaking
It struck without warning, a blinding flare of light
Now the sun is fading, the moon is but a shadow
The land is changing to a cold and barren waste

Try to remember her smile framed by sunlight
Never forget her, the gift she gave to us
Somehow I failed her, she could not face this future
I could not save her from this dark and desperate life

As the crow flies
As the child softly cries
The final trial of man

As the crow dies
As the ashes cloud the skies
Will it ever fly again?

I'm here to lead you on this road to your salvation
I'm here to shield you from the horrors of this world
You know I'm dying, I won't be there to guide you
Don't lose that fire glowing deep inside
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