Star F*cking Hipsters - ¡Otra Vez! Lyrics

Star F*cking Hipsters Lyrics

¡Otra Vez! Lyrics
(feat. Blackbird Raum)

from the white house to your so-called land
the border's in your fickle hand
nos illman las illegales
chingan se las federales
but behavior and the sentiment
the myth, the lie, the government
aqui y en el barrio
la migra lo quieran todo
the government insists control
hoy, manana, hacen roto
su derecho a la libertad
de mexico para baghdad
no border in this world is sane
no matter concrete, barb or chain
otra vez
jump for your life again
the rhetoric and politics
los trucos grandes, biggest tricks
enfermos y abuelos too
a border never should exclude
el desierto quemaduras
necessitan agua pura
y en el noche hace frio
a traves de los tantos rios
and in every american
an immigrant that took a stand
against a line drawn in the sand
tierra libre, free the land
cerrar la boca, fix your sight
no hay negra, roja, white
otra vez
we rise and f*cking fight
con mientes malos, ignorance
you subjugate the immigrants
despite conception, place of birth
el mundo libre, free the earth
las vallas para los terrenos
basta ya somos hablimos
la lucha por el alquiler
mi dinero vas al absconder
and every little penny counts
recycled every forty-ounce
free the nations, f*ck your orders
squat the world y borrar borders
to every shit militia-man
we're north and south american
otra vez
jump for your life again!