Star F*cking Hipsters - Only Sleep Lyrics

Star F*cking Hipsters Lyrics

Only Sleep Lyrics
when darkness drowns your bleeding heart
and tyrants tear your world apart
and none of it is making sense
it's all mistakes or accidents
we're all just players in a game
the strings are never pulled the same
and I have to make a change right now
but nothing changes anyhow
or any ways to change today
seems f*cking pointless anyway
and sympathy it runs so deep
and I can't even fall asleep

I'd be abysmal to presume
solutions to stave off our doom
yes, I mean our sudden soon to end
through all these fading times we spend
and when I think away on things I pissed
I'd ask to be writ off your list
no social skills no special price
I can only try to empathize
good memories held in my hand
through finger cracks they fall like sand
if only there were some to keep
I'd have to trade them all for sleep

and losing sleep adds so much time
the days can drag my bleeding mind
into a state of jagged shock
that twists and winds but never stops
and dreams are memories as well
and some of them read just like hell
if you could be my only friend
I'd cherish all the time we spend
and though we're so infrequent now
our hearts dance somewhere anyhow
so many make our lives seem cheap
and in the end we all must sleep

and endless flaming turning fire
the setting sun that rises higher
the beautiful bright blinding light
that never quite turns into night
our hearts can fly up freely there
our minds can breathe such precious air
to all my fine fair weather friends
good tidings are all I can send
I forgive you though you never knew
just what it was you put me through
and to all my enemies the same
your obsessions kept me in this game
and according to this life I've led
I should have lost more than my head
and on the edge that tilts so steep
I dream awake only of sleep

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