Star F*cking Hipsters - Heaven Lyrics

Star F*cking Hipsters Lyrics

Heaven Lyrics
Get down, I can't get any lower
The sun ain't shining it's f*cking burning
A hole in my heart, take another shot
Drowning all alone
Don't pray for me, there is no saving
Demons and saints just don't agree
Plastic jesus has become incendiary

[Chorus: x2]
Salvation concepts disagree
They vary so enormously
Common sense or heaven bliss
Or annihilation

Destroy, destroy me
Give me a reason to go on living
All the sinners keep on sinning
Join in on the fun
I wasn't made in no one's image
No women from no one's rib
No mind control for the masses
Want to follow? Someone follow you

[Chorus x2]

Please don't pray for me, I get by
Empty sentiment
Is something that I'll never need
Keep your ignorant minds of of me

[Chorus x4]

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