Star F*cking Hipsters - Church & Rape Lyrics

Star F*cking Hipsters Lyrics

Church & Rape Lyrics
all hope is put
behind her now
bled in an alley
like a slaughtered cow
the pincers sneer
reap what you sow
she didn't sign up for rape
eight weeks ago

society's wicked attach
reveals the souls of man
with hearts as black

and where it ends
a bleeding wreck
religious fervor
and disrespect
handful of men
choosing your rights
on a dark street
devoid of lights
if it's your body
then it's your choice
another matricide
without a voice

laws dictate these violations
when church is state
the twisted legislation
seals every fate
some just choose suicide
to hide their shame
while in back-alleys
most die in pain

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