Star F*cking Hipsters - Banned From The Land Lyrics

Star F*cking Hipsters Lyrics

Banned From The Land Lyrics
I rewind to the time of the native people
That were banned from the land by the church and the steeple
Pushed to the west by gun, germ and lie
Too many broken pacts left the natives to die
Below the barren land of reservation
The earth is still screaming angry cries of war
Insulting token gesture piddy reparations
Keep most segregated, isolated, drunk and poor

To quell your hunger
They feed you lies
The rotted meat
Maggots and flies
And for your thirst
The fire drink
And all your graves
Buried to sink

Your welcomed then with open arms and how'd they repay you
Sickness fears, a trail of tears no apologies issued
Swindled out of everything that you've ever owned
But given back the waste and forced to call it a home
The long trail of tears is a trail of blood too
So thanks for the giving of the small pox flu
The genocide of these tribes and their weakened nations
Pro-sports team logos are a grave desecration

Take back this stolen land
Take back this stolen land

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