Staple - Red Brush Strokes Wave Goodbye Lyrics

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Red Brush Strokes Wave Goodbye Lyrics
Colors do not brush strokes wave goodbye.
I've looked into your eyes for the last time.
Close those tainted eyes. The view is so amazing with them shut tight.
Seeing your history die, awashed in white.
Your heart no longer beats inside this chest of mine
And I've never felt more alive
Goodbye to you and all that we've been through
Hello, beautiful peace realized of knowing I'm no longer you.
And though you beckon, these red strokes still remain.
Reminding my heart that I am not the same.
Close those misleading eyes...All the lies you try to disguise.
You offered so many many things you said you could do...
The thing that you couldn't offer was the thing that killed you -
And it screams - it's the truth.
Goodbye to you and to all that we've been through
They're so beautiful...the painted skies I fly in, freely, without you
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