Stan Ridgway - Right through you Lyrics

Stan Ridgway Lyrics

Right through you Lyrics
Look them in the eye
To show them you're brave
But no one but me
Knows you're just a slave
To this part in the play
You never mean what you say

You come on so strong
You run with the hunt
Don't know what's behind you
Don't show what's in front2
Sometimes you do it to show
To someone you don't know

Like a bird on a limb
Starin' down at its toes
No song he could sing
No his voice--it just froze
And the fear that you keep
Is bottled up there inside

And I see right through you
Right on through
But I know you see right through me too

You put on a good show
Act so in control
But you're laughin' too loud
At a joke no one told
You're not what you appear
You're just a ghost in the mirror

Sometimes what you say--
Yeah, you do for effect
You wanna show someone power
You wanna get some respect
But most times you don't know
Nothin' about it all

Chorus repeat

I'm chippin' the rock
But it's dark in the mine
Don't look away now
You drive me outta my mind
But I try to act sure
I try to endure

The things that I wanted
So much outta you
A feelin' to share
A love that was true
Or maybe I just made it up

Chorus repeat x2

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