Stan Ridgway - Peg and pete and me Lyrics

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Peg and pete and me Lyrics
I can feel the life runnin' out of me
Workin' here at Pete's
Two years ago it was just the thing
Workin' cars part time every week
I met 'em both at a drag race
They both dressed pretty snappy that day
Pete's wife Peg, she put the make on me
While Pete just looked the other way

Now no one can say what your future may hold
Or what your life will have in store
We went home that night, Pete passed out on the couch
And then Peg pulled me down on the floor
Well, I know now she knew what she was doing
Forbidden fruit, but what the hell, I bit
That's all it took--my fate was sealed
That night the flame was lit

Every night when the lights go out
Pete drinks his booze and then he passes out
I hear a footstep outside my door
And then I remember what I started working here for
Peg and Pete and me
One and one and one make three
Peg and Pete and me
One and one and one make three
Now tell me what would you do
If you were in my shoes?

Tonight, Peg, we gotta stop this thing
I don't know if we can
Peg said, Don't worry, now, Pete's asleep
And I've got a certain plan
You know everything is in my name, she said
And anyway I love you so very much
He'll never feel a thing--just like he never woke up
And after that it'll just be us

Chorus repeat

The next morning, when I woke up
Peg was gone, the detective said
Son, you gotta come downtown with me
'Cause we know you killed Pete dead
The jury found me guilty
And sent me up for ninety-nine to life
And if there's any advice I can give from this cell
Never trust a rich dead man's wife

Peg and Pete and me
Peg and Pete and me
Peg and Pete and me
Peg and Pete and me

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