Stanley Michael - Someone Like You Lyrics

Stanley Michael Lyrics

Someone Like You Lyrics
from "You Can't Fight Fashion", 1983, EMI-America Records Group

before your eyes
and he took all
your dreams alive
Last stops and all night rides
to that place
where all the lonely hide...

Stop running your heart around
don't let it all get you down...
Don't you know it's so easy--it's so easy
if you're lookin' for a place to run
well, I'm waiting--I'm waiting
I'm waiting to be the one...

I ain't no winner--
I'm no 'miracle-come-true'
but I've waited so long now, baby--
for someone like you...

Someone like you, like you, like you--
--all my life, oh, it's true now, baby...

what you can't have
for what you need
And when you cry out in the night
not knowing what to do
Who's the one--that
shows up to pull you through?


--words & music by Kevin Raleigh

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