Stanley Michael - Since You've Been Gone Lyrics

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Since You've Been Gone Lyrics
from "The Ghost Poets", 1993, Razor & Tie Music Corp.
She looked a little bit like you
if I would only let her
Instead of howling at the moon
and wondering where you are...

Nothing feels quite right
nothing feels quite right
since you've been gone, oh no...
Nothing feels quite right now, Baby
...since you've been gone

There are moments that I hold
so tight I almost break 'em
I bring 'em out when things get cold...
and Lord it's cold right now...



Since the first time I held you through
the night
nothing's ever been the same
Rebel angels rage against the light
and play a waiting game...

Wherever you are goes my love
and don't you ever doubt it
So when you search the sky above
just kiss the wind and hold me tight...


--words & music by Michael Stanley

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