Stanley Michael - Night By Night Lyrics

Stanley Michael Lyrics

Night By Night Lyrics
from "MSB", 1982, EMI-America Records Group

When the night gets
hard to handle
and you feel like giving in
Have a little faith--
think about me, baby...

'Cause you know I never doubt you
it's just hard to be without you
until you're back again...

I just gotta hold on
...Take it night by night
Hold on
It's been so long since it
felt so right
Hold on
...Take it night by night

I can still hear the words
you whispered
in the heat of a velvet night
Tell me once again--
say it to me, slowly...

'Cause sometimes I can even hold you
Remember what I told you
'cause I'll be back again...


Talk about a heartache
knowing that I could be in
heaven tonight
If I had you, baby,
right here beside me...


--words & music by Michael Stanley

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