Stanley Michael - Liars' Moon Lyrics

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Liars' Moon Lyrics
from "The Ghost Poets", 1993, Razor & Tie Music Corp.

There ain't nothing you can do tonight
There ain't nowhere you can hide
There ain't no one gonna save you now...
here comes the long, cold ride

You know she turns her attention to the next in line,
turns on the charm, in no time
She's got another lover in her trance--
You never stood a chance

Yeah, I know, 'cause I've been there
She's too much, too soon
She'll sell your soul for a few cheap thrills
...under a liars' moon
I know all about her
Way too much, too soon
Dead men from her looks that kill,
she leaves 'em under a liars' moon
...under a liars' moon

Take my advice now and listen real good
You're going down the hard way
She'll make you feel that you can walk on water,
but that feeling won't stay

She'll move in real close and tight
She'll tell you what she's gonna do tonight
then leave you bleeding in the morning light--
It ain't a pretty sight


--words & music by Michael Stanley & Bob Pelander

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