Stanley Michael - Let's Hear It Lyrics

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Let's Hear It Lyrics
from "Northcoast", 1981, EMI-America Records Group

It's a Saturday night, heart of the city
The men looking hard, the women looking pretty
Just a whole lot of people
looking for a little paradise

But there's a guy in the crowd that's getting
out of hand
He's had thirteen beers and he's screaming
at the band
Show business, baby, it sure is nice...

Let's hear it...let's hear it
Hey, drummerman, beat me eight to the bar
Let's hear it...let's hear it
Turn it up, turn it up, stay where you are
'Cause it's good for the body, good
for the soul
To now and then get a little
out of control
So...cut the bullshit,
play a little rock 'n' roll
Let's hear it...let's hear it

There's a girl in the front, she's been
there all night
She's got an illegal body and a dress that's
too tight
And all night long she's been coming on with
her eyes

But she's standing with a guy about
six feet four
who's had one too many and he's going
back for more
and I'd sure like to love you but I'd also like
to leave here alive...


You can't forget about the boys in the back room
You can't forget about the factory gates
You can't forget about the fact she let
you consummate the act
And now your baby's just a couple weeks late
But nothing looks better than your
baby in a sweater
but you know that got you right
where you are
But things are looking bright 'cause
as of tonight
there's only six more payments to
go on the car...


--words & music by Michael Stanley

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